Monthly Archives: May 2010

Epilogue to the Male Takeover-El final del macho recién llegado

It has now been five months since one of the new males, Usiku, took over our study group and there have been some big changes since then. Fataki and Mashoto have also taken up residence and our alpha male, Masai, was deposed. But Masai is officially back in the group, albeit at a much lower […]

Small gift causes big excitement!

The new soccer ball has been a huge success for Msalise Primary School. The students spent the days after our visit cleaning the soccer pitch for the upcoming game. They have started games among not only the boys but also the girls at the school. And the local team from the village has asked to […]

Visit to Msalise Primary School – Visita al Colegio de Primaria de Msalise

David and I traveled to Msalise Primary School on April 30th to deliver some books that were purchased with money donated from Canada and a soccer ball. It was a perilous journey as the road was like a river in many parts, with the water coming up past the bottom of the doors of the […]